Sculpture Track

A Custom Track to Learn or Improve Sculpture

NSS_LogoProfessional sculptors from the National Sculpture Society’s (NSS) Southern California Community will be demonstrating their talents at PACE.
Many plein air and quick draw events have sculptors participating in their events and their demonstrations at PACE will illustrate the process of sculpting in clay as well as static displays of the bronze process, including the use of armatures, finishing the clay in preparation for molding, making a mold of the clay original, pouring a wax replica of the mold, creating a wax chasing and a ceramic shell, melting/burning out the wax, casting the bronze, and finally, metal welding and assembling to create the final bronze.
The sculptors will be available for discussion with final pieces to view.
For over 120 years, the NSS has promoted the knowledge of excellence in sculpture inspired by the natural world. Its members create, interpret, exhibit, collect and support the evolving tradition of American sculpture. The National Sculpture Society’s staff and website assist sculptors, collectors, allied professionals, and organizations with inquiries and serve as a resource to all persons interested in Sculpture.


Sculpture Track Stage Faculty

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