Water Media Track

A Custom Track to Learn or Improve Water Media Painting

More and more painters are learning to paint in water-based mediums because it’s great for travel or a quick, hassle-free study. We have a stage dedicated to various water media painting, and we bring in many of the best water media painters in the world. Whether you are a full-time water media artist wanting to learn or you want to supplement with water media, this stage is for you.

*Note: If you wish to attend the Water Media Track primarily, we need to know, due to the space limitations. When registering, please select the box for the WATER MEDIA Track. This indicates that these sessions are where you will spend the majority of your time at the convention (for our planning purposes). We have a stellar lineup of the world’s greatest water media artists. You will also be able to attend the Main Stage and Demo Stage sessions within the convention.



Water Media Stage Faculty

Water Media Field Painters

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