Plein Air Wars


Introducing PleinAir Wars

The messiest, sloppiest, most fun, most insane moment in plein air history

Monet is rolling over in his grave. PleinAir magazine has managed to bring plein air painting to a new low.

Yes, it’s true.

We fully intend to embarrass ourselves, and a few fellow painters.

You can help.

Drop cloths will go down. And if you’re in the front row, it might be like being at a performance of Blue Man Group.

It’s possible paint will be flying everywhere.

The music will be playing loud. The countdown clock will be ticking. And bells will sound when time is up.
Just like a game show … because, well, it is a game show.

It’s also going to be a battle of the sexes: the boys against the girls.

And you get to decide who goes on stage…

Once up there, they will be given a limited time, and a limited and very unusual palette of colors, to produce a rock star painting…

There will be screaming for your team. There will be loud noises. Paint will be flying.

Oh, and right-handed painters will be using their left hands, and lefties using the right.

Then … you decide, by vote, who did the best painting … and who wins the grand prize!

(We don’t dare tell you what that is yet!)

So … are you game for our game show?

We need you to nominate six painters. Name up to six people who are coming to the convention and who you know will be the most fun, the funniest, the craziest, and the most animated.

We’ll pick the finalists and notify them, and ask them up on stage for opening night at the Plein Air Convention.


Note: Self-nomination is OK, too! And you can spread the word! Put the nomination form on social media and ask people to vote for you.


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