Joseph McGurl Pre-Convention Workshop

Workshop Date: Tuesday April 23, 2019

The focus of Joseph McGurl’s workshop demonstration will be to show practical and sometimes unconventional methods to help artists work efficiently, draw accurately, and render convincingly. Before artists can reach a high level of personal expression, they must have control over their materials and abilities. This ONE-DAY workshop will accelerate your progress using methods and techniques that Joseph has refined over the past 40 years of plein air painting and 30 years of teaching.

Joseph will first show you how he sets up his equipment, with an explanation of each component. Having a solid setup creates the base for your success. Some of the items in Joseph’s outdoor studio are unconventional, and the class will see how they have been adapted to suit his needs.

Next, Joseph will address accurate drawing and how it is critical when working outdoors. He’ll demonstrate the “sight-size” method for painting with accuracy and speed. Sight-size was the method taught in the French Academy during the 19th century, and it helped produce masterpieces by some of our greatest artists. Joseph has adapted it for use in plein air painting and found he can paint not only more accurately, but also more quickly, which enables him to complete the painting before the light changes. He’ll teach you how to do the same.

Finally, Joseph will approach the challenge of maintaining a sense of form while creating unique textural variations, with another special emphasis on determining the correct color and value range to create a sense of light and atmosphere.  Other topics he will touch on include color theory, compositional traps, composition for maximum impact, adding detail without getting fussy, creating a variety of hard and soft edges, and using a palette knife to create a variety of marks while maintaining complete control.

Joseph is a devoted plein air painter and one of the few contemporary realists who does NOT rely on photography. Let him show you how to create paintings based on imagination, memory, and observation. Take your artmaking to the next level with this workshop!

Unlike a traditional workshop, where you paint along, this is a large workshop environment where Joe will teach from the stage, with large-screen monitors showing slides and brushstrokes. No painting materials needed as you will not be painting in this course, but you will want to take lots of notes.

Must be a registered attendee of the main Plein Air Convention to attend. Attendance is limited.

This workshop is appropriate for artists of ALL mediums.