Project Description

Kathleen B. Hudson

Kathleen B. Hudson emphasizes dynamic light and atmosphere in her paintings. She is a Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of America and the second youngest artist ever to be elected a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists. In 2017, Hudson received the Grand Prize in the 6th Annual PleinAir Salon for her painting Bright Morning, Timberline Falls, which was featured on the July 2017 cover of PleinAir Magazine. The same month Southwest Art named her an “Artist to Watch.”

Hudson moved from her native Kentucky to Boston in the fall of 2005 to begin an undergraduate degree at Harvard University. During her years in Boston, Hudson came to love the beautiful New England landscape as she painted, studied mountain travel narratives, and led backpacking trips for fellow students. After graduating, she was selected to join Boston’s Copley Society of Art, the oldest non-profit art association in America.

Last year Hudson moved with her family to Colorado Springs, CO. When she’s not outside painting from life, you can find her in the studio creating larger scale landscapes.

Highlighted Works

Kathleen’s Demo Materials List

  • Oil Paint all Michael Harding:
    • Titanium White No. 1
    • Cadmium Yellow Lemon
    • Indian Yellow
    • Cadmium Red Light
    • Magenta
    • Permanent Alizarin
    • Transparent Oxide Red
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Pthalocyanine Blue Lake
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Raw Umber
    • Ivory Black
    • Neutral Gray No. 5
  • Brushes
  • Rosemary Brushes:
    • Classic Long Flat – size 10 or 12
    • Ivory Long Flats or Ivory Long Flats ‘Curved Edge’ – sizes 6,8
    • Evergreen Longer Filberts – sizes 4,6,8
    • Series 279 Master’s Choice Mongoose Long Flats – sizes 4,6,8
    • Series 278 Master’s Choice Mongoose Long Filberts – sizes 4,6,8
    • Mundy Goat Mops – sizes ¾ inch, ½ inch, 3/8 inch
    • Ivory Dagger – size 3/8 inch
    • Ivory Egbert – size 6 or 8
    • Series 273 Master’s Choice Rigger – size 1
  • Panels: Raymar L64, New Traditions L600, or Centurion DP LX Oil Primed Linen Panels”