Here is what some of our happy guests have said about their convention experience:

“To attend the PleinAir Convention is truly life-changing, soul-warming, and deeply rewarding. It is an opportunity to connect, network, learn, refresh, and live paint, art & passion! Fantastic on all levels.”

Susanna White

“As a first-timer, I had no idea that I would receive the respect I did from so many gifted artists. There are no autograph booths at a Plein Air Convention.”

Steve Petreshock

“I didn’t know what to expect.    I am a novice to plein air, although I am a full-time artist and teacher of 30 years. I was pleasantly surprised, impressed, and inspired, which is hard to do for me. The presenters were world-class, warm, friendly, and completely inspirational. Not only did they provide really valuable information, their painting demos were fascinating, and painting out in the field with them was such a bonus. I would recommend this experience to any artist in any field or medium.”

Lynda Bassett

“I have attended the Plein Air Convention for the past four years. The first year I took a chance and came on my own, not knowing anyone. Now I have a group of friends, and I look forward to meeting more every year. The atmosphere is one of creativity and generosity of spirit between artists of all levels. I make it my destination painting vacation and block it off on my calendar a year in advance. The convention has grown and improved for the past four years.The Streamline staff listen to suggestions and concerns and make changes to improve the conference for attendees every year — I cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring!”

Rebecca Wells Demaree

“As a first-time attendee, this was an eye-opening introduction into a new world of generous, remarkably talented artists. It is a three-ring circus of fantastic demonstrations, an irresistible Expo (with deliciously discounted supplies and tools), and an amazing location. Seeing the coast lined with hundreds of artists was an absolute thrill! Fun to be part of an experience like that (my husband actually saw it on the evening news). The amount of stimulation, inspiration, and instruction has kick-started my painting.”

Peggy Wynne Borgman

“Have you ever experienced an event that was so perfect that it was painful when you knew it was drawing to a close? This year’s Plein Air Convention was just that kind of event for me. The stellar lineup of non-stop top-tier artists providing demos, the learning opportunities, the networking with artists from around the globe, the new friendships that were formed, fantastic marketing information — all rolled up in one package — where else could you find this, and all in an incredible location? I can’t wait for Plein Air Convention 2016!”

Myra Knapp

“I convinced my wife, a complete novice at painting, to attend this year’s Plein Air Convention as a participant with me. She agreed reluctantly. When the next convention dates and location were announced, she insisted we sign up immediately. We were both blown away by the quality of the content and learning experience.”

Robert Ryan

“I learned so much more than I thought I would. I was able to go out painting and apply what I learned each day. The instructor involvement while painting was phenomenal. It’s so helpful to have an accomplished (and sometimes famous) painter explain how you can improve your painting, while you are painting.”

Duncan Knarr

“I won’t miss a Plein Air Convention if I can help it. It is the most fabulous few days of learning from and visiting with fellow artists from around the world. Sign up now!”

Denise Rose

“Despite the first blush of expense, the convention fee was well worth it for all of the many excellent demonstrations and presentations offered, as well as marketing enthusiasm/psychological affirmations.”

Bobbi Miller

“After attending the last two years: This stands as the biggest bang for your buck for artists of all levels and mediums! The convention offers not one instructor, but dozens x two plus! The Expo Hall has amazing products, hands-on buying opportunities, and samples. Marketing Boot Camp is so worth it alone! Giving the artists free-flow opportunity makes this event stand out. Plein air painting each day is wonderful! I could go on, and this is how I will entice my PA students to attend!”

Susan Nicholas Gephart

“The convention is a must for all levels of artists who want to grow and learn from the best of the best. Egos are left at the curb and all artists really help anyone seeking help. It’s the Disneyland for artists to feel free to participate, enjoy new friendships, meet painting idols, and art shop till you drop. Then rush home with new goals and great memories made possible by the fabulous team behind the convention scenes.”

Gloria Chadwick

“The Plein Air Convention is a stadium full of artists cheering you on! I have yet to walk away with nothing. If you need a reboot, a refocus, a ‘get your head in the game’ atmosphere, you will need to attend! Eric and his team are genuinely interested in you as an artist. The skills and knowledge I’ve been exposed to have paid off. I’m in the game and dreaming BIG!!! Thank you, Eric, for making a difference!”

Diane Haley-Nicolici

“This is not just a convention … it’s a community of artists and art lovers committed to sharing their passion for art.”

Mary Gilkerson

“This was the best ‘kick in the butt’ I have had in a long time! No more excuses! (And it was probably one of the best ‘vacations’ I have ever had!”

Mary Boylan

“A grandson of Montana homesteaders, grew up playing in the railroad yards of Gt. Falls, Montana and spent way too much time looking at Charlie Russell paintings in the Cowboy Bar and Museum as a kid. Moved from my home in the ‘Big Sky Country’ in 1984 to pursue an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute then started painting the Marin Headlands north of the Golden Gate.

So, this guy Eric Rhoads is sending me all these emails about a Plein Air Painters Convention and I am thinking maybe this is just what I need to kick start my art practice after retiring. Well, I signed up for the ‘Basics Series’ just to find out what is new and you came in gave us that welcome speech which touched me with your mention of discovering that Plein Air painters were getting a lot of rejection by the art world … except for those out there painting. Here is how I related to what you were saying. In 1987 I graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with my MFA degree and hung my exhibition along with all the other graduates. I hung some 27 paintings of mostly plein aire landscapes, some studio paintings, was the only person in that show to sell damn near everything and was picked up by two galleries. Participants were shocked, and I was subsequently black listed by the museo intelligencia and told, “I would never show” in San Francisco. HAH!

Well, Eric, nice to meet you. I am so glad to know that the Plein Air movement you have fostered is alive and well, growing. I am just restarting my art painting practice after about 15 years of not cracking a tube of oil so I was thrilled to haul out that old French easel and start painting again.

Thank you for bringing the PACE convention to San Diego and inviting me. It was so much fun and super inspiring to see so much great art and meet other artists, learn. Where can you meet and hang out with 1000 other passionate artists for a week, you can’t even do that in art school? So I signed up for the Santa Fe next year … I think.”

Michael E. Bartlett