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Save Two Years of Struggle

Want to Learn to Paint Outside? Our Plein Air Basics Course Will Save You Years of Frustration

Dear Painter,

My story isn’t pretty. I was painting in the back bedroom of my home, but the smell was too much for my pregnant wife, who asked me to stop painting. Stopping wasn’t an option, but painting outside was.

At the time I did not know “plein air” painting existed (it’s a French term that has come to mean painting outdoors). But I dragged boxes of stuff, a table, a chair, and a studio easel out to the golf course. I had lots of problems, like my canvas blowing off the easel and the light making it hard to see my paints, and I simply was not as good outside as I was inside.

I spent a lot of years frustrated, trying to find a way to learn more, and it took me a long time to learn the basics of plein air painting. I almost gave up because I was so frustrated.

My goal is to save you all that frustration. Painting is hard enough without having to make all your mistakes on location. That’s why I created the Plein Air Basics Course, held the day before the Plein Air Convention. It’s designed to save you two years of frustration in one full day. Yes, it’s possible.

We bring in top instructors and ask them to “dumb it down” to the very core basics for those who have little or no outdoor painting experience. We walk you through the various tools and equipment you need (that alone took me a couple of years to get right), what you don’t need, and how painting is different on location.

We then walk you through the process and actually do demonstrations in oil, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic so that you can pick what works for you. That way, as you spend the rest of the week at the convention, your confidence will be boosted, you’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll understand the terms and process.

Every level of painter is welcome and EMBRACED at the Plein Air Convention. If you’re fairly new to painting outdoors, or if you’ve never ever painted at all, or if you’ve been a studio painter but want to see the big differences of painting outside, this day is for you…. and it’s only $147 for the day. Pretty good deal to save you two years of frustration.
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