Make History — Plus Practice What You’ve Learned

Each day after indoor sessions, we all go outdoors to paint together in stunning locations. It’s not only historic — because you’re part of the largest plein air paint-out in history — it’s a great way to try what you’ve learned from watching demos earlier in the day. The sooner you try something, the sooner you lock it into your brain.

Field Mentors
Most faculty members from the stages, along with specially designated field mentors, will be out painting with us, offering critiques, tips, and ideas, or you can watch some of them paint and maybe set up beside them. Faculty will be wearing special hats and will have flags to help you find them, and you’ll have a “Faculty Stop Here” sign you can use to flag them down for help.

Don’t Be Shy
We’re out painting to learn and grow, not to worry about who sees or judges our work. Please don’t feel self-conscious — we’ve all gone through various stages of painting, and no one will judge you or think less of you. All levels of painters are painting together, including people doing their first painting ever. It’s a wonderful and invigorating experience.

Painting Locations:
We will announce painting locations at the convention, but we know we’ll paint the Golden Gate Bridge and Wine Country. Two other locations will be chosen, and you’ll be given ample time to get there, set up, and paint. Plus, we’re working on a new offering of other painting options if you don’t want to get in a car. Stay tuned.

Thursday Afternoon, 4.30 to 7PM
Friday Afternoon, 4.30 to 7PM
Saturday, Half-Day:  2.30 to 7PM
Sunday, Full Day: Wine Country. Don’t go home early! This is always the best day of painting, and you don’t want to miss painting in Wine Country.

Most people like to bring a car with all their gear, but some prefer to use Uber or Lyft to the location. If those don’t work, we can arrange optional transportation (there may be a fee). We also work to put people together for carpooling.