Dear PACE attendees,

My family and I want to thank you for being a part of PACE this year. I’m told by many of you that this was the most successful ever. Of course we’re imperfect but are busy studying the feedback you provided to make sure that we’re always improving. (If you missed it, you can give feedback here).

I mentioned on stage that PACE and my retreats are my favorite times of the year… Now that a week has passed, I realized it’s because I love being around happy people who are doing what they love and with the people who bring out the best in them (and me!).

I want to encourage you to paint outside as much as possible this summer, and practice like mad.

As I said, BE INTENTIONAL about learning. Set goals for the number of hours and days you’re going to paint, and find someone to study under (in person, on video, or elsewhere).

It will make a huge difference.

My epiphany this week was that my drawing needs a lot of work, so I’m setting my intention on drawing. I’m also trying to master Gouache, which has been fun. (Frankly, I’d love to master anything! 🙂

If we did not get a chance to say hello, I’m sorry — but please drop me a line to introduce yourself and tell me a little about yourself. You can reach me at [email protected]. I’d really appreciate that. And include a picture so maybe I’ll remember your face and name next time. I really want to get to know everyone in our growing community.

ALSO… I’d love to know what you most want to master this year… What is your big art goal?

Ok, that’s all for now. I’m leaving for the Adirondacks soon as my event starts next week.

I’m told a couple seats have opened up. If you live within a day’s drive, it might be fun.

I know I’m looking forward to painting all day, every day for a week and hanging out with you guys.

Oh, and I saw that a few people caught the flu or a cold. No fun. Hope you’re better soon. We’re all ok back here. I crashed and slept late the first two days I was home, but I’m ready to rock on to the next thing… Paint Adirondacks.

See you next year… and I’ll touch base from time to time.

Happy painting!

– Eric