Sell More Paintings and Boost Your Career with PleinAir Publisher Eric Rhoads

As a bonus for attendees, artists who want to sell more artwork are invited to attend our free early morning art marketing sessions with PleinAir Magazine publisher and author of How to Make More Money Selling Your Art Eric Rhoads. These live sessions have become legendary and have helped train thousands of artists over the past eight years, often revolutionizing their thinking — and their art sales.

For artists who seek to sell more artwork or those who wish to explore the possibilities, Rhoads outlines fresh material each year on each of three mornings. Though artists don’t normally see themselves as businesspeople or small businesses, if they want to sell artwork, they need some elements of good business practices in their lives.

Like it or not, if artists want to sell paintings and support themselves, they need to come to the realization that art is a small business, and they need to understand and master the critical components of running that business. This does not have to be complicated, but there are ideas that need to be understood to maximize success.

Successful artists have realized that they must wear multiple hats. When they are creating, they are wearing their artist hat. But they wear a financial hat balancing the checkbook, or a parent hat if they’re managing their kids or grandkids. Though artists often learn to wear the marketing or promotion or gallery-relationship hat, there are other hats they also need to wear from time to time.

In San Francisco, Rhoads will hold three compelling morning sessions, continuing a 21-part series conducted live and published on video over the past years.

Morning One

Social Media Marketing: Instagram and Facebook
Though being on social media isn’t enough by itself, there are tricks and tools you can employ to make the most out of your social media, which can often sell paintings directly, lead people to your artwork, or act as support for your entire marketing process. You’ll fill your pad with notes and ideas on taking steps to work social media to your advantage.

Morning Two

The Critical Business Hats of an Artist
Important business principles you can apply as an artist without feeling you’re selling out or like you’re running a business. Rhoads will outline actions you should consider taking each month, ways to ensure you have ample cash, and things to avoid (things that can put you out of business and end your art career).

Morning Three

The $5 Million Artist
Rhoads will reveal the techniques that turned a virtually unknown artist into a top seller, and number one in his galleries, within a short period of time. He will share the unusual and somewhat unorthodox thinking that led this artist to an easy way to become the most promoted artist in his galleries and helped him reach $5 million in annual sales by his third year — and what he is planning to do to double that to $10 million in sales. It’s a fascinating story that Eric will break down into steps you can take to improve your own art business.

Art Marketing Boot Camp runs from 6:30-7:45 each morning because early birds get the worms. A light breakfast will be provided starting at 6:30am.