Experience PACE Your Way

VIP Edition

PACE is your gateway to a world brimming with inspiration, learning, creativity, and community. And if you’re craving that extra bit of magic in your journey, our VIP package is designed just for you.

Here’s what you’re getting…

GOLD VIP PACKAGE: (Warning: Getting Low — Only 21 Seats Left!):

  • Best Seats In The House: As a VIP, enjoy up-front seating at every demonstration, as if you’re getting your own private and personal masterclass from many world class artists. You’ll be able to see more in depth details, insights, or strategies, so you can accelerate your learning.

  • VIP Lounge Access: You’ll have access to the VIP lounge whenever you need a break. It’ll be stocked with snacks, refreshments, and comfortable seating so you can recharge or hang out with other VIPs.

  • Exclusive Networking Access: Prepare networking opportunities at special events exclusive to VIPs, including our signature cocktail party. Here, you’ll mingle with stars of the artworld and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion.

  • Lasting Friendships: Expect an atmosphere buzzing with laughter, stimulating conversations, and unforgettable moments. PACE is all about instant connection, discovering your tribe, and forging lasting relationships that extend well beyond the event.

  • VIP Swag: Exclusive PACE gifts and collectibles!

  • Your Guided PACE Adventure: Before PACE even begins, we’ll connect with you to walk through the agenda, highlight key events, and answer any questions. You’ll receive personalized advice on sessions and activities tailored to your interests, ensuring you’re primed to make the most of every moment.

  • Early Access to the Expo Hall Before Anyone Else: This is like a candy store of discount art supplies and materials!

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PACE was amazing and the VIP experience was especially nice because I always had a seat and ended up making new and lasting friendships because of the smaller, more intimate amount of folks in the VIP area.

Karen Mustoe, Previous VIP Attendee

Being surrounded by accomplished artists as well as eager beginners, all sharing experiences was a dream come true. Riding in comfortable buses to our paint-out locations, painting in beautiful parks in a relatively secure situation, sitting on the front row, watching demonstrations by some of my favorite artists: it was HEAVEN!

Shere Chamness, Previous VIP Attendee

PLATINUM VIP PACKAGE: SOLD OUT! (Join our waitlist so this puts you first in line if any spots open up — sign up below)

You’re Getting Everything Included In GOLD VIP — Plus The Following:

  • Front-Row Seating: You’ll be able to see EVEN MORE in depth details, insights, or strategies, so you can accelerate your learning.

  • Even More Networking Events: You’re invited to our intimate signature dinner with faculty. Here, you’ll mingle with stars of the artworld and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion.

  • Personalized Gifts: The surprises start as soon as you enter your room, where you’ll find carefully selected painting materials and thoughtful gifts, all chosen to suit your preferred medium. — Plus a VIP apron!

  • Art Critiques: Dive deeper into the VIP journey with opportunities to have your artwork critiqued by esteemed artists, offering invaluable feedback to refine your craft!

  • Exclusive Surprise Tour & Outing: Last year, our VIPs were treated to an intimate tour of Daniels Sprick’s renowned studio, immersing themselves in the world of a master artist. This year, we’re preparing another exceptional session, with a private tour to Richard Oversmith’s studio near Asheville.

By the way, your VIP experience begins even before you reach the venue.

We’ll connect early with you to walk you through the agenda, highlights of the events, and any questions you have. We’ll also give you guidance on suggested events that match your interests. That way when you get here you’re fully prepared to dive in and get the most out of your PACE experience.

From the moment you arrive, expect nothing less than a warm welcome and a helpful hand for any need, big or small. Our team is always a moment away, guaranteeing your comfort and satisfaction throughout your stay — making you feel like a true VIP!

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  • VIP Close-up Main Stage Seating
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • VIP Cocktail Party with Faculty
  • VIP Gold VIP Hat
  • GOLD VIP Pin and Badge
  • GOLD VIP Ribbon


  • Guaranteed First Row Main Stage Seating
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • VIP Cocktail Party & Dinner with Faculty
  • Special In-Room Gift
  • Vendor Product Gift Bag
  • Exclusive Studio Tour Of Richard Oversmith’s Studio
  • Platinum VIP Hat
  • Platinum VIP Pin and Badge
  • Platinum VIP Ribbon
  • Platinum VIP Apron