Project Description

Barbara Tapp

Barbara Tapp graduated in Interior Design from Sydney, Australia and moved to San Francisco in the 80’s with her architect husband Richard.Her career spans 36 years as an architectural illustrator.Barbara is the illustrator of The Karen Brown Travel Guides.

Drawing, strong perspective and washes are key foundations in Barbara’s plein air watercolors.Her vibrant urban and seascape paintings focus on telling an authentic story and often a title will come to mind when she selects a scene.

Barbara is an award winning painter who continues to paint daily, exhibit and compete in Plein Air events throughout the year.

Highlighted Works

  • Paper: Fabriano, Saunders or Arches 140lb
  • Paints: Daniel Smith , Holbein and Qor
  • Brushes: Princeton , Rosemary and Richeso
  • Sketchbook: Stillman & Birn