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Buffalo Kaplinski

BUFFALO KAPLINSKI was born in the industrial city of CHICAGO, ILLINOIS in 1943 to a blue-collar working family. His grandfather had emigrated from POLAND to CHICAGO where he found work unloading railroad cars. His MOM had worked in a cookie factory then later at MARS candy company [Snickers]. His MOM, recognizing his art talent at the age of 9, took him for classes at the historic ART INSTITUTE. Afterward he took private art lessons from a widowed pastor’s wife which included the copying of paintings and photographs. One of the images KAPLINSKI copied at the age of 14 was THOMAS MORAN’S painting of the GRAND CANYON. He later attended ART SCHOOL [AMERICAN ACADAMY of ART] and became a student of the famed IRVING SHAPIRO – MASTER WATERCOLORIST. After a brief career in COMMERCIAL ART he spent time in TAOS, NEW MEXICO and DENVER, COLORADO and now lives on an ICONIC 100-year- old COLORADO RANCH in ELIZABETH, COLORADO. BUFFALO says, “THE LORD put me here.” BUFFALO’S life and paintings are featured in a hardcover book, PASSIONATE LANDSCAPE: THE PAINTINGS of BUFFALO KAPLINSKI published by HARMON GRAVES [].

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