Project Description

Nationally renowned colorist and painting instructor Camille Przewodek studied with master colorist Henry Hensche, who carried on Charles Hawthorne’s pioneering painting principles at the famed Cape School of Art in Provincetown MA.

The gist of the Cape School method emphasizes perceiving the particular quality and type of light in which a subject is seen — and portraying that light effect primarily through accurate hue relationships.  Students are encouraged to develop their color perception through repeated “color studies” focusing on creating the illusion of light.

Camille annually teaches painting workshops across the country, and weekly classes at her studio in Petaluma CA.

Camille’s Materials List

  • Paint-Saver Palette (
  • Panels: Ampersand brand Gessobords™
  • Paints: Winsor & Newton
    • Titanium White
    • Permanent Alizarin Crimson, or Permanent Madder Deep (by Rembrandt™)
    • Cadmium Red Light or Winsor Red
    • Cadmium Yellow
    • Cadmium Lemon
    • Cerulean, Manganese, or Sevres Blue (by Rembrandt™)
    • French Ultramarine Blue