Project Description

Haidee-Jo Summers

Haidee-Jo is a full-time professional artist best known for painting ‘en plein air’ in oils. She is an elected member of the Royal Institute of Oil painters (ROI) and the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) and an editorial consultant for The Artist magazine. She is an author of two books on painting, ‘Vibrant Oils’ and ‘Plein air painting with oils’. In recent years she has been invited to judge UK and international plein air events, after winning many prizes for her work which features fresh and vibrant brushwork coupled with keen drawing and observational skills.

My work is a celebration of light filled moments revealed in rich and vibrant oil paint using my personal visual language of fresh and direct brushmarks. Painting en plein air is central to my practice but I am equally at home working from a model, still life or interior. I find beauty in the ordinary, mundane and intimate rather than the grand vista. Coastal locations, domestic interiors and gardens and allotments provide me with rich and endless subject material. My approach is one of simplicity and economy, striving to make every mark count in my earnest pursuance of capturing the poetry of a fleeting effect of light.’

Highlighted Works