Project Description

My art education has been self directed working and studying with Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Christine Lafuente, Sue Lyon, and Colley Whisson of Australia among others. I consider Sherrie McGraw (drawing and painting) a valued mentor.

I am an active member of The Salmagundi Club in NYC and recently have been invited to paint with the prestigious Putney Painters in VT on a regular basis. A group headed by Richard Schmid who has had a strong influence on me the past 10 years.

I also have my own group, The Third Floor Painters, which, oddly enough, meet in The Third Floor Studio! I paint a variety of subjects but clearly my passion is of the canine variety. I look to my own furry herd of 6 for inspiration and life drawing.

The majority of my clients have been, interestingly enough, fellow artists. I have been very fortunate in receiving recognition for my portrait work. I give workshops with the unique feature of having live animals present. I believe that this is an extremely important element for keeping the paintings fresh and more importantly, alive.

Highlighted Works

Johanne’s Demo & Materials List

  • Paints: Rembrandt, Gamblin, Winsor Newton
    • Ivory Black (Gamblin)
    • Terra Rosa (W/N)
    • Yellow Ochre Light (R)
    • Cobalt Turquoise Light (W/N)
    • Transparent Oxide Yellow (R)
    • Transparent Oxide Yellow (R)
    • Trans.Red Medium (R)
    • Trans. Oxide Brown  (R)
    • Cobalt Turquoise Light (W/N)
    • Ultramarine Deep (R)
    • Viridian (R)
    • Yellow Ochre Light (W/N)
    • Trans. Oxide Red(R)
    • Alizarin Permanent (G)
    • Cad Red (W/N)
    • Cad Orange (R)
    • Cad Yellow Deep (R)
    • Cad Yellow Pale (W/N)
    • Titanium White (R)