Project Description

Molly’s career represents a multifaceted fascination with land and places. In addition to being a landscape painter, her accomplishments include attaining a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard, designing parks and playgrounds, evaluating optimal land uses, and creating redevelopment plans on underused, blighted and contaminated properties.

As a painter, Molly’s greatest inspiration are the places that are still wild, with limited human artifacts. She finds the vast skies and primordial landforms of the West to be most compelling. Her recent series, entitled“Transient Luminous Events”, borrows its name from the sciences. It is an observation of fleeting effects of light, rare occurrence, unusual aberrations, and dramatic but ordinary sightings. In these works, light is a sprite; a playful living thing.

Molly is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and Artist member of the California Art Club.

Highlighted Works